The aims of the Summer School on Engineering De­sign Research are to make PhD students who are work­­ing on topics related to Design Science bet­ter qualified and equipped for their research by (i) help­ing them select a theo­re­tical foundation and develop a research approach, and (ii) encouraging dis­cus­sion and col­la­bo­ra­tion.

The objectives are to provide the participants with:

  • insight into existing design theories and models to enable the selection of a suitable theo­re­ti­cal foun­da­tion,
  • an overview of design research methods to enable them to develop the most appropriate ap­proach for their own research,
  • an interactive environment in which individual re­search topics are presented to and dis­cussed with other parti­ci­­pants and the lec­tur­ers,
  • the opportunity to get to know and learn from other researchers and develop long-term col­la­bo­ra­tions.

To achieve the objectives, participants are actively en­gaged in the Summer School: the em­phasis is on dis­­cus­sions and exercises based around the re­search pro­jects of the participants.



The Summer School is suitable for PhD students who have decided on a research topic, have un­der­taken a lit­erature study, have formulated first aims and ob­ject­ives and have an initial plan of work. For a three-year PhD, this will normally be at the end of the first year; for a four- or five-year PhD, at the end of the sec­ond year.


Conditions of Participation

  • The course language is English.
  • The number of participants is limited to max. 20. Therefore, you have to apply for par­ti­ci­pa­tion.
  • In case of over-subscription the course organisers will select, based on the criteria stated in the prerequisites; in addition, the number of participants of a single university may be limited.
  • Participants will have to attend both weeks


The total fee including full-board accommodation is 1,200 Euro. This includes for both weeks: ac­com­­modation (from Sunday to Saturday in both weeks), all meals during the stay from the supper on the day of arrival (Sunday) to the breakfast on the day of departure (Saturday), re­fresh­ments during the breaks, paper hand-outs, back­ground material (provided via Dropbox), and the book “DRM, a Design Research Methodol­ogy”. Only the costs of tra­vel­ling and in­surance are not in­clud­ed.


Certificate of Participation

All participants will be registered at the Technical University of Denmark, from which they receive an of­fi­cial cer­ti­fi­cate. The course leads to 5 ECTS points. Whether or not these points are recognised de­­pends on each par­ti­ci­pant’s university and PhD program.



Click here to download the SSEDR Invitation in PDF. 

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